Precision Medicine

Adding Metabolomics to Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account each person’s individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle. Today, the ability of Metabolon’s technology to impact human health is more compelling than ever as the promise of precision medicine rapidly becomes a reality.

Metabolomics improves our understanding of health and the influences of diet, drug treatment, genes and lifestyle. While genomics often reveals only predisposition or risk of disease, Metabolon provides a snapshot of the current state of health and actionable information to advance clinical decision-making and pharmaceutical research.



Unmatched Capabilities

Whether a large epidemiological study, disease cohort, genomics study or clinical practice, researchers and clinicians have a fundamental desire to understand the basis of health, risk, disease and response using a single test.

Metabolon is uniquely positioned to deliver molecular phenotyping on a single-patient basis to support the goal of precision medicine.

Bringing Metabolomics to Precision Medicine

We are providing our metabolomics technology to the world's top pharmaceutical companies, precision medicine leaders, including Health Nucleus and Arivale, and population health studies at innovative research organizations such as the University of Cambridge. Our technology is opening new insights into inherited metabolic disorders and giving physicians greater clarity on the health status of their patients from one small biological sample. We are also building partnerships with leading functional medicine practitioners who desire global metabolic assessment for their patients.