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From Discovery to the Clinic

Metabolomics is a revolutionary technology for obtaining a comprehensive picture of the metabolome and mapping metabolites to their key biochemical pathways. It helps answer a wide variety of research questions and gives crucial insight into the function of genes, the basis of disease, and how treatments work. It can also identify associated biomarkers, making it an attractive tool for investigators across multiple applications.

Many laboratories have metabolite profiling or analytical chemistry capabilities, but none have the technology and workflow that allow Metabolon to produce the most comprehensive, high-quality and accurate metabolomics data available. Our unique bioinformatics infrastructure and data interpretation experience transform that data into knowledge that you can immediately put into action.

Metabolon offers a range of metabolomics service offerings that support and advance research at every stage. Whether you want to survey the entire metabolome, only complex lipids, or just a few key pathways or metabolites, our team of experts will work with you to clearly define your goals and develop a customized plan to meet them.

  • Metabolomics 

    Our Metabolomics services are powered by DiscoveryHD4™, the industry’s most comprehensive global metabolomics platform. This automated platform quickly and accurately identifies and quantitates over 1,000 metabolites across all major classes of metabolites, with less than 5% process variability in almost any sample type. Covered classes include Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Nucleotides, Microbiota metabolism, Energy, Cofactors & Vitamins, Xenobiotics, and Novel Metabolites.

    Through thousands of studies, Metabolon has developed the expertise, infrastructure and bioinformatics solutions to quickly and accurately extract the key findings from metabolomics data.

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  • Lipidomics

    Lipidomics  is a more focused form of metabolomics that surveys complex lipids. Our Complex Lipid Panel is the only lipidomics method able to provide absolute quantitation, molecular species concentration and complete fatty acid composition of each covered lipid class. This unique method covers more than 1,100 molecular species across 16 lipid classes, including principle phospholipid, sphingolipid and neutral lipid classes.

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  • Targeted Metabolite Assays

    Targeted Metabolite Assays zoom in on a particular metabolite or metabolic pathway, offering in-depth insight into specific metabolic reactions. Targeted metabolite assays can be used to track biomarkers and improve biological understanding in both clinical and preclinical research.  

    You can select from an ever-expanding menu of targeted metabolite assay offerings include:

    • Fatty Acid Metabolism Panel:  measures all major fatty acids of importance to human and animal metabolism, including saturated, mono-unsaturated omega-3, omega-6, trans and plasmalogen-derived fatty acids.
    • Acylcarnitine Panel:  measures long-, medium-, and short-chain acylcarnitines that are the catabolic products of fatty acids and amino acids, as well as free carnitine and its precursor γ-butyrobetaine.
    • Bile Acid Panel:  measures all major primary and secondary bile acids, as well as their glycine and taurine derivatives.
    • Cholesterol Metabolism Panel:  measures cholesterol as well as intermediates in cholesterol synthesis and oxidation, phytosterols, and metabolic products of cholesterol to provide a comprehensive snapshot of sterol synthesis, absorption and excretion.
    • Stratum Corneum Panel:  measures more than 350 individual lipid metabolites found in stratum corneum, including free fatty acids, cholesterol sulfate, ceramides, dihydroceramides and phytoceramides.
    • Biomarker Assays:  an expanding menu of more than 250 pre-developed assays (qualified and/or validated) for research or clinical trial use, including fatty acids, bile acids and amino acids.

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