Advancing Research Across the Life Sciences

Metabolon offers a unique range of metabolomics services that facilitate biomarker discovery and knowledge-building at every stage of research.

Our metabolomics services have a variety of applications across diverse areas of research in discovery biology (basic research), pharmaceutical R&D, clinical trials, nutrition and consumer goods, and bioprocessing and cell culture science. 

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  • Discovery Biology & Basic Research

    Biochemistry has been an essential tool for research and diagnostics for more than 100 years. Today, the science of metabolomics is bringing foundational biochemistry to a new level and generating powerful insights that advance life science research and biomarker discovery.

    Metabolites are sensitive indicators of homeostatic changes (whether induced by genetics, microbiome or environment), making them excellent candidates for biomarkers. Metabolites also play a crucial role in the signaling and regulation of genes, proteins and microbiota, making metabolomics an ideal complement for other forms of ‘omics research.

    What’s more, because metabolic pathways are generally understood and highly translatable across species, metabolomics data is highly actionable. That is why researchers from diverse fields recognize metabolites as a powerful ally for integrating complex data sets to find the “bottom-line” source of a phenotype and biomarker discovery. 

    Metabolon is using the power of metabolomics to advance research and support novel  discoveries in a wide variety of research areas, including:

    For a more complete understanding of how metabolomics can contribute to advances in basic research in discovery biology, visit our publications page.

  • Pharmaceutical R&D

    Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are faced with unprecedented obstacles to drug discovery and development. With costs and timelines increasing, many companies are seeking improved clarity across the R&D process.

    Metabolomics unlocks the power of the metabolome, offering critical insight into disease states, compounds and drug responses to advance pharmaceutical R&D. It can be used to help select the correct patient populations, pursue the right targets, and design more precise preclinical models for faster, more cost-efficient clinical development.

    Metabolon has conducted thousands of metabolomics studies and works extensively with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We offer a continuum of metabolomics services to meet your needs at every stage of R&D, from discovery metabolomics for preclinical studies, to targeted metabolomics focused panels and custom-built clinical biomarker assays for clinical development.

    You can learn more about the utility of metabolomics in Pharma R&D by watching this brief video.




  • Nutrition & Consumer Goods

    Today’s consumers demand substantiated evidence of product efficacy, safety and quality. Providing this evidence can be difficult, however, since materials ingested or applied to the body may interact with a number of targets, metabolic pathways and functions. 

    Metabolomics can help:

    • Identify the biological basis by which components promote benefit/wellness
    • Identify biomarkers of efficacy
    • Demonstrate efficacy/determine level for desired effect
    • Establish/support claims
    • Assess stability and bioavailability of bioactives product characterization
    • Demonstrate safety of the functional component

    Metabolon's proprietary screening technology and library of more than 14,000 known and novel metabolites allow us to offer the most comprehensive global metabolomics and lipidomic services available.

    We also offer targeted metabolomics focusing on specific pathways or functions, including two panels specifically for dermatological product research: the TrueMass Sebum Panel and the TrueMass Stratum Corneum panel.


  • Bioprocessing & Cell Culture

    Achieving quality, productivity and predictability in bioprocessing requires a deep understanding of the biological system and associated biomarkers for monitoring. Metabolomics, or the comprehensive study of the small molecules known as metabolites, offers a high-resolution assessment of cells and processes for deepening this understanding.

    Metabolomics can be used to gain insight into all of the factors affecting cell metabolism, growth and protein production. It can also be applied to strain/clone selection, process development, scale up and transfer, raw material profiling, batch fingerprinting and quality across every stage of the bioprocessing continuum.

    Metabolon helps bioprocessing clients optimize efficiency, identify biomarkers for product quality and cell integrity, and increase process yield.